Frequently asked questions

Can I return or exchange an item?

No returns or exchanges, sorry. Ask any questions before purchase! We don't mind minutiae!

Does my 10% off code expire?

Nope! But it is tied to your account, so once you use it, that's it!

How do I put patches on my jersey without ruining it?

Our patches can be ironed on or sewn on. Notes about ironing: -YOU MUST USE FABRIC BETWEEN JERSEY AND IRON. Failing to do this will melt the jersey. We suggest using a pillow case over the whole iron. -Concentrate the iron's heat on the edge of the patch to ensure it is firmly stuck on. -Ironing on a patch will leave a glue mark if the patch comes off.- -We don't advise putting patches on your $200 Le Col kit. Feel free if you got it like that, but ironing or sewing on patches may damage the any kit.

Where is the pickup location for items?

Crown Heights Brooklyn, north of the Nostrand Avenue 3/4 train station.

When will my items get mailed?

We guarantee a post office trip once a week, therefore it will never be more than 7 days before your item is mailed.